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Hi, I am Monica.  Thank you for checking nutromazing.

Let me take you on my journey of self-discovery and enlightenment.


My early teens I was riddled with physical challenges that affected my social life, my schoolwork, life with my friends and family (being a teenager was a life altering). I had issues with my digestive system, poor blood circulation, skin rashes, hormonal imbalances, extreme body swelling amongst many other health issues on top of all of that I had surgery which resulted in metal plates being placed into my spine and leg. I was unable to walk to and relied on crutches to assist. I experiencing panic attacks due to post traumatic disorder from the trauma of the extensive surgeries I underwent which for many years had me in and out of hospital to slow my heart rate down..

This was an overwhelming experience especially for a young woman as these years are most sensitive. I would experience extensive physical rehabilitation but the only thing kept me going was the love of my mother and sister home cooked food. Not only was the food delicious but the love and positive energy they poured into the food sped up my recovery.
It was shortly after that I discovered the power of healing internally with not only food that tasted good, but was abundant in natural untainted properties. This journey helped me discover the power of self-healing through Mother Nature’s natural remedies of good clean food.

This was a turning point in my life which would have left me bedbound or worse, however with the journey of discovery of self-re-discovery of healing from the inside. I mastered the art of Reiki to become a Reiki Master, I was able to walk free without crutches however this was just the beginning of healing from the inside out.

My journey took me deeper into the health benefits of how the earth provides natural remedies to all medical complications which now that I have mastered to mend myself back to the zesty energetic girl I once was I want share this hidden secret with you all.

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